McGrath, Mauritzen newest RB teachers to be National Board certified


Newly Nationally Board Certified, Spanish teacher Jill McGrath works with her students.

Marisa Jensen, Staff Reporter

Earlier this year, two more RB teachers received one of the highest teaching certifications possible. Spanish teachers Jill McGrath and Jessica Mauritzen both received their National Board Teacher Certification.

This is a certification that allows teachers to teach anywhere in the United States.  The certificate also does not have to be renewed for ten years instead of every  five years like a standard certificate.

Kristin Bacon, an English teacher here at RB is also certified, and has been for four years. Bacon has been talking about the certification and trying to encourage teachers at teacher institute days. Before teaching at RB, Bacon taught at Chicago Public Schools. There, she decided that she didn’t want to go back to get her masters but still wanted to improve her teaching methods, so decided to go get her National Board Certification.
In order to get this get certification, teachers must write a total of four portfolios, take a six question assessment test, and  record themselves teaching one of  their classes, all within a three year time window.

McGrath said, “It was tedious. Many hours of hard work. There was a lot of unknown work, but I understood once I got started.”

There were a lot of motivations for these teachers. They could move any where in the US and teach at any school, didn’t have to renew their licenses for ten years, potentially received college credit, and simply challenged themselves to excel at teaching.

“I saw a huge difference in my teaching and this certification program made me question the things I do,” said McGrath.