This is Halloween, This is Halloween

Combined music department performs for Halloween

Cameron Bolton and Hannah Pecis

Cameron Bolton, Staff Reporter

October 23 marked this year’s annual Band and Orchestra Halloween Concert.  This year, the entire music department participated in the show.  Those in the concert arrived dressed all in black or in their Halloween costumes, ranging from a piece of bacon to a Despicable Me Minion to Cruella de Ville of 101 Dalmatians to Poison Ivy of Batman fame to even a zombie Bach.

Together the band combined to play such songs as Mussorgsky, “Thriller”, “Procession of the Sorcerers”, and “The Time Warp” for the whole crowd. The combined orchestra and choir assisted the band in “Procession” while the choir also assisted the band in  “Time Warp.” The Madrigals also performed the song “Daemon Irrepit Callidus.”

Choir director Diane Marelli, who also conducted the cadet band, the concert band on Mussorgsky, and the orchestra during Procession, explained that the choir became involved with the show because band director James Baum had found a piece that had singing in it and she wanted the choirs to also support the band.

The concert has been going on for several years but this year is significant as it also marks the first time without long-time band director Kevin McOlgan. When asked about if his absence affected the concert in any way, Baum has said that it hasn’t had a great impact on the concert.

“In terms of format it’s pretty much same as last year,” he said.  McOlgan’s absence this year did lead to Marelli conducting several of the bands.