MAP: What to do on a Friday night

Catherine Jasionowski, Staff Reporter

We all look forward to Friday night after a week of school. There are plans that you have made or you’re just going to spend the night relaxing. Then there are some of us who have no idea what we are going to do on a Friday night. There are plenty of things to do in the area in which you live. From spending the night in with your family to having a movie night with your friends. There are so many different things to do in this area, with the group of people you are hanging out with. Never let not having something to do stop you from having a nice way to unwind from a week of school.

In Brookfield there are places to go eat like Paisans, or Zoo City Treats. Both of which are located right down the street from each other on Grand Ave. Then there is Mama Barone’s on Broadway Ave. right by S.E. Gross Middle School. There are multiple parks within the town as well. There is Candy Cane which is located at 29th and Park Ave., Kiwanis Park which is on Arden Ave., then there’s a park on Maple Ave. right by the water tower, finally there’s Madlin Park at Lincoln Ave. and Madison Ave. Then there’s the biggest park in town which is Ehlert Park, This one is on Shields Ave. and Elm Ave. All of these parks are open from dawn to dusk and is a great place to enjoy the nice weather.

Then there’s Riverside, they have Grumpy’s which is located on Burlington St. Then there is Harrington Park which is located on S Delaplaine Rd. and Robison Ct., there’s Guthrie Park at Burling Rd. and Riverside Rd. Both of these are located on the south side of the tracks. On the north side there is Longcommon Park at N Delaplaine Rd. and Longcommon Rd., and there’s Blythe Park on Blythe Rd. and E Grove Rd.

In North Riverside, there is Polar Bear which is on the corner of Forest Ave. and 22nd St. also known as Cermack Rd. They are open mainly for the summer for those hot days. Also there are two parks in North Riverside, One is Commons Park along the train tracks on Hainsworth Ave., then Veterans Park right by the Mall at 26th St. and Veteran Dr. Also there is the North Riverside Mall, a great place to go shopping and hangout with your friends! It’s located right off of Cermak Rd. right down the street from Polar Bear.

LaGrange Park is the last town in the RB district. Within the section of the town that goes to RB there is only one park, which is William G. Vena Park on 29th St. and Raymond Ave. There is also Bill’s Place and the Maple Avenue  Creamery both of which are located right next to each other on Maple Ave.

Then there’s LaGrange which is only a few train stops, a 5 minute drive, or a quick walk away. There are many different restraints where teens can hang out and enjoy some food. There is Chipotle and Corner Bakery both located just off of Ogden Ave. Then there is Smashburger on LaGrange Rd. right down the block. On the other side of the tracks there is Noodles & Company, The Hot Dog Company, and Q BBQ, all of which is on LaGrange Rd. Then for that coffee fix there is also a Starbucks on the corner of Harris Ave. and LaGrange Rd. To finish it off there is Red Mango and Dinico’s for that ice cream or frozen yogurt fix. Dinico’s is right next to Starbucks, and Red Mango is also on LaGrange Rd. If none of that is what you are looking for then there is also the LaGrange Theatre where movies are playing all the time, it’s located right across the street from Red Mango.

There are many things to do no matter what town you live in, and there are also many things to do in the towns surrounding the RB area. So get a group of friends this upcoming Friday and try something new! You will never know how these places really are until you try them yourself.