Music in the Hall? It’s that bad.

What would you put on YOUR hallway playlist?

Hannah Pecis and McKenna Powers

Kiera Donnamario and Zach Hundrieser

Hallway music is something we all have to deal with. Somedays we love it and other days we hate it.

Are we the only ones sick of hearing the same thing over and over? Do you feel like there should be a more diverse playlist, that can please everyone’s musical needs? Though we do understand that not everyone’s music choice is school appropriate, variety is important.

What if each student was able to have his or her own dream playlist? What if you, the listener, got to pick out the perfect song before each class period? You could start your day with the perfect get up and go song and end it with a bang. Here are two playlists put together based on not only music tastes, but also what we would enjoy hearing before every class period.

Since it is the “season to be jolly,” our lists feature a little bit of holiday music too.

Zach’s Dream Playlist

Kiera’s Dream Playlist

Though our playlists differ, we still feel that it would be more tolerable than the music that is played now. There should be more variety and a better chance for students to experience new music they’ve never heard of. After all, who hasn’t heard Taylor Swift a thousand times? Better yet that The Killers’ song. Or worse, What Does the Fox Say. Should they stop playing those tracks all together? No, but there should be more of a variety.

Do we really want our school to be known for playing these mainstream tracks? Or the school that makes everyone happy?

You be the judge.