Try a new outlook for a new year

The new year is a time to step back and see the forest and the trees.  What will your outlook be for 2014?

Catherine Jasionowski

The new year is a time to step back and see the forest and the trees. What will your outlook be for 2014?

Catherine Jasionowski, Staff Reporter

For 2014, don’t change yourself.  Change how you look at things.

Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions.  They try to change something about themselves or what they want to do in their lives.  Why change yourself when you can just change your outlook?

While everyone says each new year is going to be the best year yet, when the next year comes around, it almost never turns out the way people would like it to.  Maybe this is because people do not have a positive outlook on life.  They look at everything the same way that they have in the past, which could be the reason why each year turns out almost always the same.  Of course, there are sometimes other reasons why things might not turn out the way people would like them to.

Going into the New Year with a new positive outlook could open up so many doors for some people. It can lead them to many new opportunities that they wouldn’t have had before. Going into the year with no intention of changing might get you to where you want to go in life but it also might make the journey more difficult.  Yet life wasn’t meant to be easy, and it also wasn’t meant to be so hard to the point that people choose to give up.

For instance, when it comes to taking a test or a quiz, don’t think that you are going to fail. Instead, think that you are trying your hardest and are going to get the best possible grade you can. You have already studied and asked all the questions that you can in order to help you understand what you’re learning about better, so all you can do is believe in yourself and do your best.

Always look at the bright side to every bad situation. Bad things are always going to happen and there is no way to avoid them.  You just have to know that when they do happen look on the bright side of them. Look at the good that made you get to that point or look at what will come after the bad is over. Everything turns out in the end.

So, in 2014, instead of making a resolution and changing one thing about yourself or what you do, just take a new and positive look on things.  You won’t know how it could have worked out unless you don’t try. If you haven’t done it already, you didn’t have to have the new year to start look at things in a new prospective.  Start whenever you want. Just do what you want to do, that is all that matters.

The new year is the perfect time for changing your outlook.  Take advantage of it.