Making After Prom memorable

Catherine Jasionowski, Staff Reporter

Every high school student looks forward to Prom, a night to dance and celebrate the end of the year, the end of a high school career.  Still, Prom only lasts a few hours, and then what do you do?  go home and sleep and forget that it happened, or go out with your friends and let the fun continue?

Most choose to let the night continue, raising the question of what to do.  With so many choices, narrowing down to just one thing may be difficult.

After Prom and the next day are times where students should have fun (while behaving, of course).  Go out to eat with your friends; who doesn’t like food?  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just eating after a long night of dancing is worth it.  You will make memories without even knowing it.  Little things matter in the long run.

Go to someone’s house for an after party or just to hang out.  Sit around, eat junk food, watch a movie.  Turn the hanging out into a sleep over, because who’s really going to sleep after an amazing night like Prom?

A recent popular choice is to camp for the night or the rest of the weekend.  While some parents may not approve, some will.  Camping can be a perfect time if you are with the right people.  The next day, be one with the wilderness.  If you stayed close to home, your options are still endless.  Stay in and recover from the night.  Or hang out with your friends all over again, walking around down or going to the mall or a movie or out to eat.  Another popular destination is Six Flags.  It’s fun and you don’t get to go there too often.  While it may cost more money, in the end, it’s always worth it.  Ride all the rides you possibly can while you’re there, eat funnel cake (always yummy) and play games to win a prize or two.

Prom only happens during high school and everyone should experience it.  You have the power to make it happen.  Make the after Prom as fun as the real dance, or even better.

Make sure it is a night you will always remember.