Ice Bucket Challenge splashes into RB

Courtesy of RBTV

Cameron Shaw, Staff Reporter

Around the world, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a viral video spreading awareness of and raising funds to combat Lou Gherig’s disease.  As the school year opened, many in RB’s faculty and student body had also gotten in on the trend.

Participants must be nominated by someone who has done the challenge before. Once nominated, the participant has 24 hours to complete the challenge, donating $100 to the ALS Association if they fail.  Even if they succeed, donations are appreciated and they have been pouring in.

As of September 15, 2014, the ALS Association has received $113.3 million in Ice Bucket Challenge donations.

Many students at Riverside Brookfield High School have participated in this event. “ I decided to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, because I thought it was for a good cause, and it was a great way to spread awareness,” sophomore Liddy Rowley, who was nominated by junior Natalia Jandura, said.

As the Ice Bucket Challenge soared the charts for a viral video, many people became annoyed and bothered with seeing these videos on all social media.

Nevertheless, Biology teacher Jame Holt, who also took the challenge, thought critics were missing the point.

“I understand where they’re coming from because of the big rush on social media,” he said, “but if you take a look at how the whole thing started and why it started, for the people that were cynical about it, that’s rude. The challenge was for a good cause, and it was good hearted fun.”

RBTV compiled video of the various faculty members who participated in the challenge.  The list included Holt, Principal Kristin Smetana, Applied Arts teacher Patty Sarkady, and more.

While the popularity of the challenge has started to fade, less and fewer people are making videos, the challenge has left the awareness of ALS at its peak, and money is still being donated.