Cameron Shaw
Cameron Shaw is the first celebrity to ever attend Riverside Brookfield High School. She was supposed to go to East High to be a wildcat like the rest of the High School Musical crew, but she decided otherwise. Being in a long distance relationship with her husband, Adam Levine can be quite difficult sometimes, but she manages to see him every weekend after her school work, and her Clarion stories are finished. Shaw is also very fond of the movie, Frozen, and tweeting about the queen herself, Beyoncé. Cameron and her friends also love watching vines about adding 9 + 10, every Wednesday night.

Cameron Shaw has joined the Clarion staff during the year 2014-2015, as a Staff Reporter. She is also involved in Chamber Choir, Varsity Girls Golf and Varisty Girls Softball. If you need to contact Cameron Shaw for any reason, please email her at [email protected]

Cameron Shaw, Staff Reporter

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Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs
Cameron Shaw