Students and staff respond on social media to cold snap

Cameron Shaw and Caitie Rusen

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Reporting the news on RB’s latest cold snap is one thing, but even before students and staff reached the school doors, social media was burning up even as temperatures were plummeting.

Were you part of the discussion?  Here are some of the best tweets from last week:


About the Writers
Cameron Shaw, Staff Reporter
Cameron Shaw is the first celebrity to ever attend Riverside Brookfield High School. She was supposed to go to East High to be a wildcat like the rest of the High School Musical crew, but she decided otherwise. Being in a long distance relationship with her husband, Adam Levine can be quite difficult sometimes, but she manages...
Caitie Rusen, Staff Reporter
Caitie Rusen is a big bad Senior at RB and stands at a strong height of five foot, one inch. She loves taking long walks through nature. Rusen is a naturally sarcastic type of gal and loves to ‘lol’ with her friends. Rusen is in her first year of being a Clarion staff reporter. Sports...
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