EVERY STUDENT HAS A STORY: Putting the work in

Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson poses with his beloved saxophone and his mother.

Caitie Rusen, Staff Reporter

Senior Bryan Wilson is one of the most dedicated musicians here at Riverside Brookfield High School and can always be seen walking the halls with a bright smile on his face. He enjoys every second at school, whether it’s during class or at after school activities. One of the things that makes Wilson smile so much is his saxophone. He practices every day during his music class and also after school, just trying to get a little better every day. He’s a very dedicated musician.

Even though Wilson is known for his saxophone talents, the first instrument he fell in love with was the drums. The two instruments are very different but that hasn’t stopped Wilson from perfecting both of the instruments he loves.

“When I was three years old, the drums basically chose me,” Wilson said when asked why he picked that instrument.

Band has become a lifestyle for Wilson, especially during his high school years. His focus is mostly on the saxophone right now though, and those focuses have paid off for Wilson. He is first chair symphonic band.

“I love being first chair and it’s such an honor to be in that position and I have also won the best woodwind award and marching band award,” Wilson said.

But to get to these accomplishments, it takes hard work and a lot of time. That’s why Wilson has to practice every single day, during the school year and over summer.

“I obviously practice during class every day but I also go home and practice for hours,” Wilson explained.”Playing at basketball games is always my favorite also. The energy always pumps me up to perform better.”

Wilson loves band so much that he’s actually continuing his band efforts at the University of Central Arkansas next year.

“I’m so excited for my future at that university. Playing at the college level is one of my dreams and I can’t believe it’s coming true,” he said.