Chromebooks; not your traditional book

Isabel Hughes, Staff Reporter

With the new addition of Chromebooks to Riverside Brookfield High School, each freshman now has their own computer. The freshman received their computers at registration in July of this year in order to make RBHS an easier and more enhanced learning experience.

RBHS teachers have been showing the freshman how to use these Chromebooks. Wendy Cassens, the instructional coach for the English department and a freshman English teacher, said that she tries to use the Chromebooks every day by showing the freshman how to check e-mails, how to read the school bulletin, and how to check grades on Skyward.

”Yes! I like having them as another resource!” freshman Kellie Halvey said. “It is easier to check grades on Skyward and assignments on Schoology.”

Halvey reiterated that she likes the Chromebooks for accessibility of grades and assignments, and easier access to research tools.

Erin Cunningham, a Western Civilization teacher, said that she likes the Chromebooks especially for social studies for the maps. They now have access to updated maps, and ancient maps are more articulated.

“I don’t mind the Chromebooks, but they have a lot less options than MacBooks,” said freshman Sylvia Harvin.

Harvin said that at her elementary school, they had iPads and iPod Touches along with their personal MacBook they received in fifth grade. She said that it is different having the Chromebooks, but it is not a bad change.

Michele Koehler, a freshman Biology teacher, uses the Chromebooks in her classroom one to two times a week. She likes that the students and teachers have laptops. It allows for more shareability on Google and more communication.

“An unexpected advantage is that students are communicating with me more than their parents communicate with me,” Cassens said, concurring with Koehler.

Why the school added the Chromebooks is puzzling to some. However, Cassens, Koehler, and Cunningham are all glad that the students have the laptops and that they don’t have to go to computer labs.

All three teachers said that they like the last-minute flexibility with the Chromebooks, and not having to reserve a computer lab.

“I almost wish that my juniors had them!” Cassens said.

Both students and teachers agree that there have been and will be some bumps in the road, however, thus far Chromebooks have been going over smoothly with the RBHS community.