The Dos and Don’ts of Homecoming 2015


Galen Alaks

Students walk the halls in their pajamas for Monday’s pajama theme.

Morgan DiVittorio, Story Editor

Homecoming 2015 is quickly arriving and there’s some proper etiquette that you should follow.

Do: Participate in dress up days! They’re the few days a year you can dress like a fool and no one can say anything about it. Plus, it’s fun dressing up with all of your friends to win spirit points for your class.

Don’t: Make fun of the people who do dress up. It’s not stupid or childish, it’s a school coming together to show their spirit! It’s meant to be funny!


Do: Go to the Homecoming football game! Come with your friends and cheer on RB’s football team. It’s the first game at our new field, you’ll be apart of history!

Don’t: Come to the homecoming game under the influence of anything other than Bulldog Spirit!


Do: All of your homework during the week! If there’s tests you still need to study. Just because it’s homecoming week does not mean schoolwork is paused.

Don’t: Blow off all of your homework. You’re going to regret not getting the points for these tests and assignments when school gets harder later in the semester. As stated before, just because it’s homecoming week does not mean schoolwork is paused.


Do: Go to the homecoming dance! You get to dress up, spend time with friends, and dance the night away. It’ll be a memory you’ll hold onto for a long time.

Don’t: Be rude to the people going to the dance. If dances aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay, but don’t call it lame for the people trying to enjoy themselves.


Do: Be smart at the homecoming dance! Reminder: teachers, administration, and security guards will all be in attendance with you.

Don’t: Make any bad decisions this week that can ruin your future. Homecoming is not a free pass to do something you normally wouldn’t.