Every Student Has a Story: Dancing through Life

Freshman Angela Murray smiles for the camera.

Lauren Lambros

Freshman Angela Murray smiles for the camera.

Lauren Lambros, Staff Reporter

As the lights dim and the curtains rise, freshman Angela Murray prepares to perform what she loves most, dance. Ever since seeing her older sister dance in third grade, she knew right away that dancing is what she wanted to do.

Over seven years, her love for dance has grown and so has her commitment to it. Murray practices at Principal Dance Studio, eight times a week. Throughout the endless hours of stretching, twirling, and being in a plié, Murray’s passion remains constant every step of the routine.

“Like any sport, you just get so into it. You just love doing it, and you don’t want to stop,” said Murray. Though it takes up most of her free time, Murray would not want to spend her days any other way.

With her busy schedule, she has little time to waste. This makes her time management skills very sharp.

Sharpening her skills is not the only thing Murray has taken away from her experiences, but she has also acquired a joy for singing.

“Because of dance, I started singing. I guess it’s because I’m always hearing music and I really fell in love with music,” said Murray. She also states that with the amount of time she has been on stage, any threat of stage fright has veered in the opposite direction.

Dance has opened up doors to new activities and people. Over the years, Murray has developed many friendships through dance. Some of the people she met seven years ago are some of her closest friends today.

“It helps me get involved and meet new people,” said Murray.

As for this year, Murray tried out for RB’s dance company, Orchesis. Her goals for the year include perfecting her steps and working on her performance skills.

Though she has time, Murray has already began thinking about her future. She plans to pursue dance in college and afterwards. Murray states that she is unsure if she would like to be a professional dancer, but for sure a dance teacher.

Realizing that her time at RB is short and that one day she will not be able to perform anymore, she always tries to dance likes its her last time she will ever step foot onstage.

“Even though it takes up all of my time, I just have to remember to enjoy it,” said Murray.

When the curtains close and the lights come back on, the show comes to a happy ending. But for Angela Murray, the show continues. She repeats the same steps over and over again, trying to reach perfection at the thing she loves most.