RBEA and Board of Education continue negotiations

Isabel Hughes and Lauren Lambros

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Negotiations are underway between the Riverside Brookfield Education Association, or RBEA, and the District 208 Board of Education. The agreement that was struck between the two parties in 2013 expires June 30 of this year.

According to an official press release, “both the RBEA and Board of Education were pleased with the discussions that occurred at the initial meetings. A tentative agreement was reached in regard to some general language on tuition reimbursement.”

In 2013, the RBEA and Board came to terms on a three-year collective bargaining agreement that guaranteed no need for new negotiations until at least 2016. The board members voted unanimously, and the vast majority of the RBEA ratified the contract.

According to the press release, “both the Board and RBEA were able to present their views on the contract and engage in productive dialogue. Both sides agree that there are not as many issues to address during this round of bargaining due to the thorough bargaining process that took place in 2013.”

RBEA president Wendy Cassens, according to the press release, said,  “I appreciate the conversation and problem solving that is taking place at the bargaining table. Both sides are committed, willing to listen, and work to find a contract solution that is fair for the students, the staff, and the District’s stakeholders.”

The Board and RBEA met to discuss contract details February 16 and March 1, 2016. Negotiations are ongoing.

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RBEA and Board of Education continue negotiations