A walk in the PARCC


Lauren Lambros

Reference sheet used for the Geometry section of the test.

Isabel Hughes and Lauren Lambros

This year, Riverside Brookfield High School’s Geometry and English 10 classes are taking the PARCC test. During the week of March 14 through March 17, students will not attend certain classes due to the testing sessions. The schedules are attached.

Though PARCC is not new to RBHS, the testing incentives are. If students stay fully engaged throughout the entire test and give their best effort, they will be entered into a daily raffle. Everyday during testing, four students will win a twenty dollar gift card.

Also, if students are engaged, they will automatically win different rewards. On day one, they can receive a HERO tardy Rollback or candy for students who do not have any tardies. On the second day, students can earn one homework pass or one free test answer in math class. On day three, there is a choice of a fast pass in the lunch line, or a free turnabout ticket. On day four, free ice cream is offered.

On top of that, students who are engaged during all four days of the test will be entered into the grand prize raffle. Three students have the opportunity to win a $50 Amazon gift card, a pizza party for their whole lunch table, or an Acer tablet.

Not only does PARCC give incentives to those who stay engaged, but the scores reflect upon the teachers and the students work. The scores can be used for community colleges admittance and possibly other uses.

English 10 PARCC Testing Schedule

Geometry PARCC Testing Schedule