Scholastic bowl stirring up a buzz


Courtesy of Adam Gibbons

Freshman/Sophomore conference champions 2015-2016

Isabel Hughes and Lauren Lambros

From science to social studies to even pop culture the 2015-2016 Riverside Brookfield Scholastic Bowl team competes in multiple categories of trivia. This year, both the Freshman/Sophomore team and the Varsity team had a very successful season.

Scholastic Bowl competes against many different high schools across Illinois. This year the Freshman/Sophomore team took first place in their conference. Varsity finished in a close second in their conference. Both teams practice once to twice a week for over an hour after school.

“It’s an academic bowl where players answer questions about trivia from different categories,” said Adam Gibbons, the sponsor of Scholastic Bowl.

Competitions consist of team members answering 24 toss-up trivia questions followed by a bonus question for the team with the correct answer. Toss-up questions allow either team to buzz in with the correct answer.

“We always do our absolute best,” said Gibbons. The Varsity team finished the season with a record of 14-4 and the Freshman/Sophomore team had a record of 17-1.

In this season alone, the Freshman/Sophomore team heard 432 toss-up questions and won 141 of them, the highest percentage in conference.

Each team has twenty five players and two captains leading the group. This year captains Alec Frank and Marlene Santora helped the team deeply advance into many tournaments.

Scholastic Bowl took fourth at the Fenwick tournament and qualified for the national competition in Dallas, Texas. However, due to funding issues and other factors the team will not be able to attend.

“It’s nice to win, but if we don’t, tomorrow is still another day,” said Gibbons.

The season began in October and went into the beginning of March. For anyone who is interested in joining Scholastic Bowl contact Adam Gibbons for more information.

Though the season may end in March, the team members never stop learning. Over the summer many of them read and study multiple types of trivia allowing them to become more versed in one specific category.

This summer training helps the students achieve their goals next season, along with making it a more enjoyable season.

“Students are always learning and enjoying the academic practices and competitions,” said Gibbons.

As for next year, the team strives to have both teams take home the conference title, recruit more players, have a good attitude and have fun.

“I see a bright future for the program,” said Marley Santora, co-captain of the team. She explained that she hopes to see the program continue to improve.

As a co-captain, Santora has been on the team for four years. She says that next year when she is at college, she will miss her team the most.

After all of their ups and downs, Gibbons and Santora knows that this team was a team meant to be.