Game Design course starts at square one

Applied Arts department offers Game Design and Animation course


Photo courtesy of Patricia Sarkady

Contestants playing a board student-designed game.

Haley Skiera, Staff Reporter

A semester long class run in the Applied Arts department by Partricia Sarkady was started due to the increased popularity of gaming.

“The class is a combination between game design and animation,” said Sarkady.

The first part of the quarter is all about non-digital gaming. Students get into groups and create a board game based on an inspiration card. Once the game is completed, the group fixes it up. Other students play and grade the game.

“They only get a week to design the game,” said Sarkady.

To help a student come up with a game, Sarkady passes out inspiration cards. These cards help give ideas on vehicles, building, inventions, gadgets, and clothing. Each inspiration card is accompanied by a brainstorming sheet.

“They do reflection pieces after each piece on the computer,” said Sarkady.

After the non-digital gaming part of the quarter ends, digital gaming begins. Digital gaming takes place on the computer.

“The students are learning about the components of game design, focusing on rules and goals,” Sarkady said.

Of course the class is also about anime and it is incorporated in the games that students create.