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Haley Skiera loves golden retrievers, pitbulls, Boston terriers, chihuahuas, dachshunds, German shepherds, Australian cattle dogs, huskies, corgis, boxers, greyhound, bull mastiffs, pugs, pomeranians, bloodhounds, basenjis, coonhounds, French bulldogs, collies, Jack Russell terriers, puggles, labradors, yorkies, basset hounds, and every kind of dog there is. Don't contact her at [email protected] unless it is about dogs.

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“My dog’s name is Capone and he is a blue nosed pitbull. My brother got my dog from his friends. My dog will be a year this month and my favorite memory with my dog is when he was little he would always bite me and make me cry. My favorite thing to do with my dog is wrestle with him. I always wrestle with him,” said freshman Jenifer Barrios.

Pets of RBHS

Haley Skiera, Staff reporter
February 22, 2017
“I would just say life, life inspired it. No [color scheme]. This one symbolizes like when you’re reading it can come to life, like books can come to life. The book took like two weeks. I ripped the pages out of the book and then crumpled them together to make flowers,”  said sophomore Daiva Walz

Secrets of the art

Haley Skiera, Staff reporter
February 1, 2017
Students react to hallway music.

RBHS suggested playlist

Haley Skiera, Staff Reporter
November 18, 2016
Kids at Young Life

Young Life offers a new experience

Haley Skiera, Staff Reporter
October 21, 2016
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