New Illinois discipline law affects suspension guidelines for schools

The new discipline law affects how suspensions are dealt with.

The new discipline law affects how suspensions are dealt with.

The new discipline law affects how suspensions are dealt with.

Galen Alaks and Kassie Ramirez

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This past September, a new discipline law went into effect in the state of Illinois. Every school, from elementary schools to charter schools, have to adapt to this new law and comply with the rules and regulations set by the state of Illinois. It outlines changes in the policy of suspensions.   

“When we do suspend students, or when we’re looking to putting up a student up for suspension, the new senate bill guides interventions and looks at what previous interventions took place prior to suspending a student,” Assistant Principal Dave Mannon said.

Suspensions are now looked at as separate events. That means each act done by a student will be judged individually. This is a benefit in a situations where two students did the same act. It helps deans and administration to make decisions and the new law helps to set discipline guidelines.

“Each suspension is on its own merit now,” Mannon said.

The RB administration has gone to many different meetings about the discipline law to prepare for the new act.

“Myself and the deans have gone out to different conferences that are put on through the Dupage Regional Offices and Cook County Regional Offices of Education,” Mannon said.

RB also attempted to enact this law before it was set in stone by trying to use some of the policies in the 2015-2016 school year.

“We knew that this was coming so we tried to pretty much get ahead of the curve here and practice some of the policies,” Mannon said.

The RB administration made it their job to make this law as efficient as it can be and not worry the students.

“The only changes are on our end and how we proceed with some of the procedures,” Mannon said.

A very important change in this act is now, when students are suspended, they have the ability to make up work and not fall behind in core classes.

“It’s mandatory that students now can have make up work for each and every class that they miss,” said Mannon.

The new discipline law will not drastically affect the everyday life of a student. Most of the changes are on the side of the administration.

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New Illinois discipline law affects suspension guidelines for schools