Second debate, no second thoughts

Destiny Herrera, Staff Reporter

On Sunday, October 9, 2016 presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went face to face during the second presidential debate.

Students here at RBHS have a lot to say about both of the candidates. They talked to the Clarion about their thoughts and opinions when it comes to choosing a candidate.

“He is a smart business man,” said Fox Taubery, junior at RBHS.

Being a smart business man can be considered a helpful qualification when it comes to presidency, but a business man with no political experience can also cause some obstacles for candidate Trump.

“He has never been a political person. He has only been a businessman,” said Olivia Dickinson, sophomore at RBHS.

One of the biggest highlights from this debate is when Clinton reminded the audience about the times Trump has belittled women on TV and Twitter, whether it be rating women based on appearance or calling them insulting names.

“It’s just words folks, just words,” said Trump.

Some may consider Trump’s word choices to be a bit extreme in some cases, but many do respect Trump for his honesty.

“I think she belongs in prison, she’s untrustworthy,” said Taubery in regards to Clinton.

One of Clinton’s flaws is her email controversy going back to 2015. The FBI made a statement around the time this occurred that Clinton was  extremely careless when it came to handling top secret emails on her family server.

Though Clinton’s negative traits made their way to the people’s knowledge, many continue to support her throughout her stumbles.

“I like that Clinton is more for helping the people whereas Trump has a focus on the richer people in America. He only cares about his money,” said Dickinson.

Trump stated that he did not need the leaders of his party to win this election, he said he could do it in his own way. Clinton also prepared for the first and second debate to make sure she hit every key point to win the support of people in America.

Preparation and respect seem to be the two biggest qualifications of presidency for the students at RBHS.