Mythology takes the spotlight


Madison Heninger

The cast goes through final rehearsals for this year’s fall play.

Evan Moyer, Staff Reporter

Lights! Camera! Zeus? This year’s RBHS fall play is “The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less.”

The director of this play is Colleen Stahnke, and the tech crew is directed by Matt Mcconnell.

“The Iliad and The Odyssey and ALL of Greek mythology… it hits all the well-known stories. It showcases the creation through some of the most famous couples’ love stories in a very modern light,” said Stahnke.

Directing a show as big as this does come with some perks, such as the cast and the joy of working with young adults. In Stahnke’s case, it’s the cast.

“Definitely working with the students, and seeing them grow as actors. It inspires and motivates me,” said Stahnke.

Directing can be a struggle sometimes, but if you have experience directing, it makes it ten times easier.

“I directed while in college. However, this is my first time directing at a high school and my first time working with such a large cast and crew,” said Stahnke.

Stahnke’s favorite myth is not just one, but many.

“Everyday it changes. I think they have all been my favorite on different days. One that seems to stay consistently a favorite is Pandora. It is the origin of mankind’s evil into the world in Greek mythology, and a very witty scene in our production. I always like finding the source of conflict in any production. Pandora is that source in this show and in Greek mythology. This parallel is so fantastic,” said Stahnke.

Choosing a play is not an easy decision. There millions of possibilities, ranging from fiction to real-life inspired plays. Also, Stahnke plans on adding a little slapstick to this year’s play.

“I chose the show, which was no easy feat. I knew I wanted to do a comedy since RB has done dramas for the past two years. I also wanted a large cast so that many students could have the opportunity to shine. This show in particular spoke to me because I am a fan of Greek mythology.  I also felt like seeing these well-known stories in a modern and comedic way would be entertaining for both students and parents,” said Stahnke.