RBHS students reaction to Trump’s election


Students share with us their reactions to the presidential election.

Galen Alaks, Co Editor-In-Chief

The following reporters contributed to this article: Emmanuel Ardon, Modear Bumrungkwan, Kellie Halvey, Destiny Herrera, Kenna Howorth, Rahim Kouferidji, Lauren Lambros, Anthony Landahl, Nicolette O’Keefe, Vivian Pina, and Sadiel Sanchez.

On November 8, 2016, American voters cast their ballots in the presidential election and chose Republican nominee Donald Trump. Students reacted in many different ways.

Some, like junior Gabby Tarrant, were upset with the election results.

“I’m sad,” said Tarrant. “I’m in despair. I’m mostly upset that there’s so many people supporting Trump. I didn’t know that there was that many terrible people in the world until he won in the election. Realistically, we have a system of checks and balances, so he can’t overthrow the whole government. I don’t think anything great is going to happen, but I don’t think anything terrible is going to happen.”

However, there were also positive sentiments about the results.

“I’m very happy with the results,” said junior Fox Taubery. “I think the American people want change, which Trump will bring.”

Others still are unsure what to expect.

“I think these next four years depends on how well Donald Trump can work with Congress, and if he can work well, there’s a potential that good things can be done,” said junior Vaughn Hilpp. “But if he continues to do what did on the campaign trail, it’s gonna be a rough road.”

Fear was another reaction to the results.

“The way he says stuff about people with disabilities and Mexicans, that’s the kind of stuff that could start a war,” said freshman Eddie Pena.

Some felt that Donald Trump was unfit for being the president.

“[I am a] little confused as to why someone who represents everything America isn’t is now our poster boy,” said sophomore Georgi Gomozarck.

Freshman Stephen Stevkov was unsurprised by the results.

“I wasn’t surprised,” said Stevkov. “America couldn’t trust Hillary. Trump gets the stuff that he says he’s going to do done.”

This was not, however, the case with everybody.

“I was very surprised,” said freshman Grace Gersch. “I didn’t think that Trump was actually going to win. I was pretty sure Hillary was. I just found out a couple minutes ago and it took my breath away, honestly.”

Displeasure over both candidates was also present.

“For me, I feel like I didn’t really want either of them to win,” said freshman Alex Angeloni. “I feel like Trump does have some pretty good ideas, and the fact that he isn’t a politician is helpful because he didn’t know how to spin things to get what he wants.”

Some feel that, if the election did not go as students wanted, they should vote in the next election.

“If kids don’t like the way this presidential election went, then they can vote and help ‘fix’ it for the next election,” said Angeloni. “Everyone should be around 18 by then.”