Adding on a bit extra


Mia Donnamario

Student Moira Ford shows off her jersey.

Mia Donnamario, Staff Reporter

Students spend time before and after school doing activities and devote a good amount of time towards them. Students participate in activities such as gymnastics, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, and more. There are sports and activities that are done both inside and outside of school.

Freshman Alyssa Sarro is in gymnastics and has been doing it since she was two years old. Everyday except Tuesdays she leaves early from school to attend practice.

“I started gymnastics since I was two and haven’t stopped since. It’s difficult to keep up with school work because every night I get home at 8:30 pm and haven’t started my homework yet,” said Sarro. “This means I often stay up very late to get my late work done and to study for tests.”

There are also activities done inside of school, too. For freshman Moira Ford, basketball season has just begun. Every time she steps foot on the court she risks injury.

“Getting injuries are pretty tough because you can’t just tell a teacher you hurt yourself and them not question how it happened. If I do get hurt and say I miss a day of school I still have to make that work up while still going to soccer or basketball,” said Ford.

For someone who does two sports it can hard juggling more than one activity. Ford plays soccer and basketball at the same time. Spending most of her time at school or practice she does not have much time to herself.