Pride and positivity sweeps through halls of RB

Lauren Lambros and Madison Heninger

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate all of the positive aspects of our lives and to accept all the challenges in our paths. To enhance all of these traditional Thanksgiving values, Riverside Brookfield High School will hold its first Pride and Positivity Assembly on Tuesday, November 22, at the end of the school day.

The assembly will consist of positive speeches from the RBHS staff, and activities directed by the Association of Student Tolerance. AST will be hosting a sit-in discussion talking about the culture and climate of RBHS.

“We wanted to recognize and give thanks to not only the building and the community that we live in, but also to put a positive message up [and get] pride and acceptance out there as well,” said RBHS Assistant Principal of Student Affairs Dave Mannon.

Along with the assembly, there will be several positivity-spreading activities going on throughout the day. When the students walk in, every locker will be decorated with some sort of positive message and during the lunch periods Erika’s Lighthouse will have posters that students can sign with positive messages and slogans. These posters will then be displayed all around the school.

“The whole reason behind the assembly is to give back to the school community and to say to our students, ‘Lets keep it a positive environment,’” said Mannon.

Originally the assembly was designed to recognize all of the fall athletes and activities, though the focus has shifted towards the pride and positivity angle.

Some students feel as if the assembly today is a direct response to the racist graffiti in at least one of the girls’ bathrooms. Mannon stated that this assembly was already planned in advance and is not in any way a reaction towards the recent incidences.

“We’re not going to respond to isolated incidents, and we’re especially not going to respond to discipline matters. So we are not going to have an assembly just because something was put in a bathroom that one person wanted to write,” said Mannon.

As the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, Mannon tries to find every way possible to get students more involved with different activities at RBHS. With this prior assembly already set in place and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Mannon saw an opportunity to share the message of gratitude towards the school, and everything it has to offer.

“[We wanted to] put out the message [that] it’s Thanksgiving and let’s all be accepting of each other and give thanks back to the great things that we have and enjoy,” said Mannon.

Mannon plans to hold events like this multiple times throughout the future. The main goal is to make sure that RBHS continues to be a safe place where students feel welcomed and accepted by others.

“What I like is that this event will spark conversation,” said Mannon.