Science department welcomes new Anatomy and Physiology course

Joy Greco, Staff Reporter

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Anatomy and Physiology is a new science course offered to Riverside Brookfield students this coming year.

“It will be available to juniors and seniors. For seniors, it is a fourth year science option that’s non- AP. We are also opening it up to juniors who could use it as an elective and double up in science as long as they continue on their path of biology, chemistry, and physics as well,” said Michelle Koehler. She will be teaching the course next year.

This new class is focused on learning, studying, and understanding the body and how it works.

“Anatomy and Physiology is going to look at the structure and function of living organisms. Anatomy is the structure- What does it look like? Where is it in the body? The Physiology part of it is more of what it does- What is the function in terms of the body as a whole?” said Koehler.

Koehler hopes the students come out of the class with a clearer view on how we and other organisms function as living things.

“My goal is that the students will gain a deeper understanding in the language and in the images of the human body and how they function together to help maintain homeostasis,” said Koehler.

The class is an experimental and lab-based class where the students are always involved.

“I’m a very hands-on teacher. We will be doing case studies, dissections, guest lectures, and discussions. The anatomy classes are also going to go with us on our open heart surgery field trip that I do with my AP Biology students,” said Koehler.

This new Anatomy and Physiology class was made to benefit the students interested in the medical field. The class also adds an interesting and unique science class to the department.

“This class is going to be awesome for any student who has an interest in pursuing a career in the health sciences. So, becoming a doctor, becoming a nurse, becoming a Physician’s Assistant, anything like that, they are going to extremely benefit from this class. It’s going to, again, give them the hands on experience, the language, and the content. The way I see it is if they work hard with me, they’ll get that head start they need going into college,” said Koehler.

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Science department welcomes new Anatomy and Physiology course