Rockin’ out with the RB Pep Band


Alexis Gurschke, Staff Reporter

On December 9, Pep Band will be playing their first performance this year during the Boys Varsity Basketball game. Pep band consists of eight members: seven students and one teacher, and they only play during home games.

“Four years ago I noticed that they didn’t have [pep band]…something I did at my old school. It brought a great crowd and it just got the whole auditorium pumped up,” said Rachelle Kelley, founder of Pep Band.

The group predominantly plays rock music, but Kelley leaves it up to the group members to decide what is performed.

“They’re very collectic with their different styles put together..everyone puts in their [opinion] of what they want and they make it their own,” said Kelley. “We have a really talented group of kids.”

Auditions are held in November and people who make it have to be able to perform by ear. There is no limit to the amount of people the band can have. Only seven were selected to play this year.

“This year we’re doing something different. We’re doing just a rhythm section,” said Kelley.

Instead of trumpets and trombones the band uses pianos, guitars, drums and other percussion instruments.

Practices happen before school on Tuesday for about 45 minutes, after school on Thursday for one and a half to two hours, and before a game until it starts. During games they play timeouts and halftimes, and before and after the game.

The first year of Pep Band was so outstanding that coaches approached Kelley and asked if they were playing in the future. The coaches said the basketball players enjoyed hearing the music during the warm-ups.

“Music is a big part of my life and I know it is for all teenagers because even listening to music in the halls helps them shape their day, so I can’t imagine what it does during a basketball game.” said Kelley.