Farewell, Obama

Rahim Kouferidji, Staff Reporter

On January 10, 2017, President Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech, cementing him as one of the greatest presidents to have led this country.  

Even though we now have a new president, let’s not forget the things Obama has achieved for America.

Political changes

Okay, the first thing that comes to mind is Obamacare. Although highly controversial right now, the Affordable Care Act was passed to give lower-income citizens the health insurance they need. In fact, on February 7, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders had a debate on whether or not President Trump should repeal or replace the ACA.

The fact is, no matter what they decide to do with it, Obamacare has still insured tens of millions of Americans, and I think it was worth it.

Another one of Obama’s controversial political changes was the legalization of gay marriage. To be honest, I do not really want to dive too much into this. But I will say that I feel it is only fair because as Americans, everyone deserves the right to be who they are and marry who they want. The country is supposed to be built on equality, so it is not right to discriminate in any sense.

C’mon. It’s Obama

Okay, this part is not really a fact, but everyone loves him. He was by far the coolest president that this country has ever had. He was always witty, exuded confidence, and overall just a really fun guy.

Not only him, but his family was a great example of how America should be. Michelle Obama was the greatest First Lady ever and helped inspire a generation to be more active and eat healthier in an era of ever-growing obesity. She even got people to want her to run for president! How many First Ladies can you name had this much support (besides Hillary)?

I also admired the dynamic between President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Biden was an extremely fun vice president, and I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather have to back up Obama. The past eight years have not only been successful, but downright enjoyable.


As an African-American myself, Obama has taught me that anything is possible. In a nation that preaches equality no matter your age, race, gender, or sexual-orientation, Obama was the perfect person to embody these ideals. Not only does he have a plethora of achievements, but he and his family inspired an entire generation. No matter what happens in the next four years, one thing can be certain: he will be missed.

Thank you for everything. Farewell Obama.