New voices rising under President Trump


Donald Trump at the inauguration.

This article was recently featured in the February 14, 2017 issue of the Clarion.

In this day and age, news is easier to come by than ever before. With Twitter and other forms of social media becoming more and more popular, news gets out at an alarming yet convenient rate. In this way, many people are able to be more informed than ever about politics and the world. This does not mean that opinions are necessarily well-informed, or that people will respect one’s opinions. One of the groups that gets the least respect is high school students.

No matter their grade level, many high school students’ political opinions are looked down upon because they are “too young” to formulate opinions. However, we will be inheriting the earth. We are never too young to share or have opinions, and we can be just as – or even more – informed than the average citizen. We will be able to vote soon, and we will be shaping the future.

It does not matter if one is a Democrat or a Republican or somewhere in between, we still can have strong opinions. Our opinions do not entirely define us; there is more to us than just our political beliefs. However, those beliefs are still a part of who we are and should not be discredited.

When discussing politics, we are aware we cannot necessarily change one’s opinions. But that is a two-way street. Just because we are high school students does not mean we deserve to be talked down to, as if we were blank slates just waiting to be molded. We are people, with our own beliefs, our own stances, and our own ideas.

Three of us are willing to share our opinions with the school, the community, and anyone who reads the Clarion.

Gabby Gilhooley

I think that our political views do not define us completely as people. Everyone has opinions and different views on topics, and people need to respect that. I consider myself in the independent party. There are some topics I agree with on the Democratic side and other topics I agree with on the Republican side.

Our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has made quite the impression in the past year. Between his strong views on immigration, his obnoxious tweets, and his comments about women, we agree Trump has not been very presidential.

Since I see both sides, I do believe Trump will bring back jobs and make our military stronger. I look at all the businesses he owns, and how many opportunities he has provided people, and have to say he might not be a great person, but he is successful. I also appreciate how he also supports our military and law-enforcement too.

His comments about other races, women, and his rants on Twitter are unacceptable and not presidential at all.

As an independent, I see both sides of the House. I am willing to keep an open mind and listen to other people’s opinions and respect them. We are created equal, with the right to have our own views and we should be able to state our political beliefs without anyone judging us.

Galen Alaks

Going into this most recent election, I was far from politically-minded. I felt comfortable under Obama’s administration and did not see a need to take part in protests or to even form my own opinions on big issues. It felt like the world would only get better. With the legalization of gay marriage and gender-neutral bathrooms popping up, the world seemed in pretty good shape.

With the election and inauguration, my world changed. I no longer feel like I am in a safe and progressive world. I was so focused on the horizon that I could not imagine a backwards step.

Now that this step has happened, I am not going to stay the way I was. I am going to pay attention to what is going on and actually have opinions. I am going to do things that I feel are right and back up my beliefs with research and knowledge.

Although I tend to agree with the Democrats on most issues, I try to keep an open mind. When Donald Trump was first running for president, I gave him a chance. I now am strongly against him, not because I’m a Democrat, but because I informed myself and made an opinion on the issue.

I do not find Trump to be presidential. I believe hatred and discrimination are the last things our country needs. I will continue to fight against policies I do not like by protesting and sharing my opinion. I will stand not with the president, but with the people I believe in.

Madi Heninger

Whenever I choose to share my political opinion, I am usually told that I am too young to decide what morals I believe in, therefore my arguments are invalid. As a freshman, I think that it is important to be involved in politics because I will be able to vote legally in only four years.

Governmental decisions and issues affect everyone, I am especially concerned about them because my generation will face the consequences in the future. Age should not justify or nullify your opinion or your rights.

I do not support our current president because I strongly disagree with his opinions and moral beliefs, especially those about women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community.

Younger people have the same right to express their political opinions like everyone else does.

When it comes to discussing politics, one important thing to remember is to always respectfully listen to other’s opinions with disregard to their age, race, gender, etc.

You do not always have to agree with people, but you should always stay open-minded. Everyone should be able to figure out their own beliefs based on their experience and logic.