RB welcome to transgender population

One of the safe zone signs that are around RB

Galen Alaks

One of the safe zone signs that are around RB

Logan Montero, Staff Reporter

In 2017, RBHS has become a progressive and tolerant environment for all of its students, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Some who come out as transgender end up being treated differently after they come out. When they were asked if they are public about their identity choices, I received a variety of responses.

“I am out as much as I can be,” said senior Lore Raul. “Which basically means ‘yes’ if people listen.”

Raul stated that he was treated with respect and avoided telling people who would treat him badly, and that his friends reacted really well.

“They changed my pronouns and they have a gender neutral basis, so they treat their male and female friends the same,” said Raul.

Some of the students are not out to the teachers or to the administration, but some have been for quite some time. Some for a couple months, and some for a couple years, like sophomore Kyle Ciombor.

“I came out the summer before freshman year,” said Ciombor.

Ciombor has been out since the end of his eighth grade year, so when he headed to RB, it was easy for him to come out. However, there were complications when he came out to his family. His mom reacted negatively, but his dad took it better than most parents would have commonly handled the situation.

“My mom looked at me differently,” said Ciombor. “She sees me as her daughter but my dad’s family treats me the way I want to be treated.”

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club for the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies in the school. We talk about problems and news that go around outside and inside of school. RB counselor, Maggie Leiteritz runs the GSA.

“When I started [at RB], I asked how LGBTQIA+ was supported and they claimed that they were over the top supportive of the community,” said Leiteritz. “Almost all the teachers are supportive, sensitive, respectful, and far over the reach of supporting.”
RBHS is a school that is entirely supportive of its students, no matter their gender or their sexuality. I, for one, am glad that I am a student here because most schools aren’t like are RB, accepting and supporting their students. There’s schools that are complete opposites. Speaking as myself, a student who is queer and transgender, I am glad that I’m a student at RB.