Key Club is new to RB

Alexis Gurschke, Staff Reporter

 Kiwanis Educated Youth, better known as Key Club, has been around since 1929 but is new to RB this year. Key club is focused on helping the community and it is run by parent Mark Farina and faculty sponsor Jim Franko.

“It’s the largest high school age service organization in the world. It’s basically community service and also teaches you leadership and skills in the world in terms of working with other individuals and team building as well,” said Farina.

Key Club does not just focus on local communities, but they are also involved in projects internationally. The past few years, Key Club has been focused on Tetanus prevention for mothers in developing countries.

“Tetanus is a horrific disorder that newborns are born with and suffer and die from, the mothers die as well,” said Farina.

They also work to raise money to help the research for scientific breakthroughs that have helped people all around the world.

“We have a research foundation where we raise money to give out grants for medical researchers so they can find breakthroughs in terms of surgical procedures and preventive elements,” said Farina.  

Ever since Farina moved to the area, he wondered why RB did not have a Key Club and he worked towards getting it started.

“With the influence, Kiwanis has had in the community, the park and the beautiful sign on 31st that says ‘Welcome to Brookfield,’ my goal was to get a Key Club started here,” said Farina.

The club is welcome to all students. It is a good way to meet people from all over the state and help out around the community. The meetings will discuss projects around the school and surrounding areas.

“I’ve got friends from Key Club I met about 40 years ago and we’re all friends today. The fact that I went to a Key Club when I was a sophomore, it was life altering. It was an incredible organization beyond my own high school in Chicago,” said Farina. 

The reputable club also comes with its benefits.

“Key Club is a recognized foundation by college admission officers and it’s respected. When you put that on your application, that’s a real plus.”