Talent show returns to RB


On Wednesday, April 19 at 7:00 in the little theater, talent acts will be performing during this year’s RB’s Got Talent, run by James Baum, Aubrey Prince, and the honors music society, Tri-M. 

The acts include singers, dancers, musicians, an improv group, and a slam poem. Students and faculty will be performing, including Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, David Mannon, on the french horn.

“A lot of people were super prepared so we thought the more the merrier, we took everybody. We didn’t cut any acts,” said Prince. There will be a total of 22 acts in the show.

The talent show was an annual event which took a year off last year due to schedule conflicts. This year, teachers of RB will be celebrity judges of the show and choose the winner.

[The performers] will be judged on the quality and creativity of their talent as well as their overall stage presence,” said Samantha Miezio, secretary of Tri-M. This year some judges will include David Monti and Mary Jahnke.

The talent show gives students a platform to show their talents, and to many participating, it is important.

“Getting other people to show their talent and letting other people see what they can do is good for everyone. Even if you don’t win anything, it’s fun to be a part of,” said freshman Sydney Hamer, who will be participating in the talent show.

The admission fee is five dollars and all of the proceeds will go to SocialWorks, a charity run by Chance the Rapper.

Chance the Rapper is well known for his music, and through that, he does charitable work for Chicago public schools and art programs. His charity aims to fund Chicago public schools and encourage youth to engage in the arts and education.

“SocialWorks aims to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity within the youth throughout Chicago,” states the SocialWorks website.

Prince, Baum, and Tri-M hope that the talent show will return to RB for good and that the show will be a noteworthy event at RB.

“[The goal of the competition] is to raise money for a music charity and to have some fun,” said James Baum, Tri-M club sponsor. Miezio added that another goal for the show is to boost the overall morale of RB.