RB reaches out to Hurricane Harvey victims

Freshman Ella Johnson puts in money for the penny pinch.

Freshman Ella Johnson puts in money for the penny pinch.

Azucena Gama

Azucena Gama

Freshman Ella Johnson puts in money for the penny pinch.

Azucena Gama, Staff Reporter

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It seems like natural disasters are all over the news recently. From earthquakes to

hurricanes, they affecting people everywhere. A few weeks ago, the disastrous Hurricane Harvey hit the southeast part of Texas near Houston. The category four hurricane destroyed everything in it’s path, destroying approximately 135,000 homes, affecting 13 million people, and causing $180 billion in damage.

RB has come together to help Texas as much as we can. Various clubs, teams, and activities have created several fundraising events such as the Magnificent Mutts Rescue, a penny pincher, and a school supplies donation.

The Magnificent Mutts Rescue is a charity to help displaced and affected animals because of Hurricane Harvey. The group is collecting food, cleaning supplies, beds, crates, toys, blankets, towels and more essential pet items. All the donations will be sent under RB’s name. To find out more, visit the Magnificient Mutts Rescue page on the RBHS website.

The penny pinch during the lunch periods is also for the benefit of hurricane relief. Student Association is sponsoring the drive. Money is being collected during the lunch periods. Members of SA will be walking around with jars with each grade on them. This can be turned into a game by adding negative points to opposing grades.

“We are hoping to get around $500,” said Catherine Glawe, the freshmen Student Association President.

RB is also collecting school supplies. The supplies are for schools in Texas that were damaged because of the hurricane. They were being collected during the the first home game, but now students can donate at lunch, and in the office. They are collecting basic, unopened school supplies such as folders, paper, notebooks, calculators, and writing utensils.

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RB reaches out to Hurricane Harvey victims