Challenge Accepted: Bean Boozled challenge

Tyler Miller, Joy Greco, and Szymon Stoklosa

The creators of the iconic jelly bean have now created Bean Boozled, a fun challenge you can do with your friends.

Released just a few years ago, Bean Boozled has became one of the most popular food challenges to date. The players have a spinner that will land on a bean that has two flavors in one color. Some of those flavors include canned dog food, booger, rotten egg, fish guts and many more shockingly gross flavors, so you think. There are hundreds, if not thousands that have attempted this challenge, but how bad could it be?

Well as your school newspaper staff, we, the Clarion, decided to give it a shot. After all, how bad can jelly beans taste?

A few of the brave and adventurous Clarion staff members set out to tackle this famous but disgusting challenge. John Shay, Jacob Rogoz, Taylor Kosiak, and a last minute volunteer, Mr. Dughetti were the courageous candidates that volunteered to attempt the challenge. With plenty of water and mints on hand, along with a trash can, everyone said, “Here goes nothing.”

“I was honestly pretty nervous, I was going into it pretty blind, I had never really tried any of these. Luckily, I hadn’t gotten any of the worse looking or sounding flavors, but I was nervous. I mean, I had no idea if this was going to affect the rest of my day or what I eat because I got the taste stuck in my mouth,” said Shay.

”It’s terrifying, but it could also be really fun, mostly because you can watch everybody else be just as scared and then get something disgusting like canned dog food and get to watch their face change into like a twisted mess of feelings, it’s great,” said Kosiak.

“I thought the challenge was really good, though it was a fun experience to have during one of my classes. I really don’t recommend it, the flavors are very bad, you really don’t know what’s it going, it’s either going to turn out kind of good, or it’s going to be really, really bad,” said Rogoz.

Our special guest, Mr. Dughetti concluded with some thoughts and advice for those attempting the challenge.

“I thought it was pretty cool how you guys set it up, but I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. It tasted like straight vomit, I wanted to throw up. I’d recommend it. Would I do it again? I would do it if the arrow did not point on vomit,” said Dughetti.

Since this interesting, comical challenge is over, we’ll see you next time on Clarion: Challenge Accepted!