Why we should have the day off after Halloween


Azucena Gama, Staff Reporter

We all know the feeling, waking up on November 1st, getting up and looking around at your room, candy wrappers spilling out of your pillowcase, costume on the ground looking lifeless, homework on your desk, untouched.

You look in the mirror: there’s still face paint on your face from the neighbor’s halloween party, you look at your hands, your fingers are stained with chocolate.

You start to get dressed and you think to yourself, I should just fake sick to skip school today, but you know that you’d never do it.

But, why don’t we have the day off of school after Halloween?

I mean we get the day off for Columbus Day, which isn’t necessary, but we don’t have November 1st off?

I call that crazy.

Halloween in general is not considered a federal holiday, adults don’t get work off and students don’t get school off. But that’s not important, Halloween is really a night holiday. A night holiday means that you can do whatever in the morning because Halloween doesn’t really start until school is out, and then we must celebrate until the night is over.

We spend Halloween with friends and family. Kids are out trying to fill up their baskets until they overflow, families are celebrating together watching movies, friends are celebrating together by going out.

But then the next morning comes. You went to bed late, and it is noticeable. At school, productivity level is down, the effort is gone, and no one is focused. Days like that lead to a less successful school year, days like that lead to more work to be done later, and it leads to stressed out teachers.

If we had off November 1st then we would get a break day to rest and catch up. With that time we can do our homework, clean ourselves up, and rest up to be ready for tomorrow’s day at school. Then when we get to school on November 2nd, we will all be successful and productive at school, leading to a successful school year.

All in all there are many valid reasons on why we should have the day off after Halloween, I hope you now feel strongly on this opinion as I do.

Now go on, celebrate your Halloween, but in the morning think about this: what if you didn’t have to get up for school?