Administration reinforcing lunch ID policy expectations

Student buys lunch with ID.

Student buys lunch with ID.

Hailey Paisker

Hailey Paisker

Student buys lunch with ID.

Olivia Rogoz, Joanna Vera, and Mia Donnamario

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The ID policy from previous years has returned this year and was put in place last week. If you do not have an ID, you have to get an administrator to come with you to look it up.

“It’s always been in place but what we’re really trying to do is speed up the lines and get the lines moving a little bit faster. They condensed some of the food locations this year. So all the snacks are together, and that has extended some of the lines,” said Assistant Principal Dave Mannon.

Not having an ID and looking it up in the system takes a lot longer and this policy is intended to also speed up the lunch lines.

“Not only is it beneficial for them – they get to go through faster – but everyone else gets to go through quicker too,” said Mannon.

Once you get your lunch, an administrator has to be with you as you check out.

“It would be best if everyone brought their IDs,” said Mannon.

The policy is going to be enforced this year, more than it has in the past.

“We enforce it as much as we can, we try to help them out as much as we can, but if everyone carries their IDs, it’s just going to speed up the process for everyone else,” said Mannon.

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Joanna Vera, staff reporter
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Administration reinforcing lunch ID policy expectations