Hip-hop has struck RB

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Hip-hop has struck RB

Students practicing for new hip-hop group

Students practicing for new hip-hop group

Students practicing for new hip-hop group

Students practicing for new hip-hop group

Emma Pizana and Jasmine Ismail

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Hip Hop Club is a new club that was added to RBHS this school year. This club is student lead by junior Victoria Heard and is supervised by Special Education teacher Kristen Bamford.

Hip hop, a very popular form of dance, was not included in our school up until this year. It is not as traditional as the Pupettes, a dance team that has been at RB for several years. This is why many students this year wanted to start a new dance team focusing on a different style of dance.

“Hip-hop is my favorite type of dance. I’ve been doing it since I was little and I had the opportunity to do it at RB,” said junior Kayla Bocanegra.

When students expressed an interest in a Hip hop at RB, the school provided them space to practice and games at which to perform.

Hip hop club also plans on having a few performances throughout the year. Their first will be in January.

The team will have the chance to show what they have been working on during their practices at basketball games. The dancers believe it is a change from Poms, a group that constantly performs at both football and basketball games.

“Hip hop is different music from poms and other groups,” said Heard.

The students who promoted the club are enjoying the freedom they receive when it comes to choreography and what they would like to put into it.

“We get to show our moves and get to include it in the dances. It’s more student orientated,” said Heard.

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Hip-hop has struck RB