Challenge Accepted: Strange Candy

Clarion members and Lane Niemann try strange candy.

Clarion members and Lane Niemann try strange candy.

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

Recently, a couple brave and willing Clarion members, along with a special guest, accepted yet another challenge proposed by the Clarion.

Clarion staff members Casey Jones and Kenton Baer, along with RB’s newest staff member, Lane Niemann, accepted the challenge of eating random types of candy. Each flavor was completely different, with some being usual flavors and others more unique.

All of the competitors went into the challenge blind, only seeing the candy before tasting it. Without hesitation, they began to consume the unknown candies.

The challenge started with a usual flavor candy, Jolly Ranchers. The start was enjoyable for all, but then the flavors began to diverge from just watermelon and green apple.

“Now this is good stuff, I knew you were going to start with something good,” said Niemann

Next was the ever popular Starburst, except with a little heat complementing the sweet. The sweet heat candies started with the usual taste of a starburst, then became hotter and hotter.

Lastly, came the Sour Smog Balls. Resembling the well-known Jawbreaker, they were smaller, but were sweet and sour at the same time.

However, as a bonus there was one more candy left to try with the name giving a warning before even eating it. Toxic Waste, advertised as “Hazardously Sour Candy,” was a hard candy  unlike any other in the challenge. Starting off with an unbelievable sour taste, and ending with sweet flavor, it was the most disliked candy out of all the flavors.

“It’s good, I have to be feeling something sour,” said Baer.

Some of the flavors were likable despite their labels, and some were completely strange. At the end, despite the unknown, the Clarion owned yet another challenge.