RB enforcing new dress code procedures


Image by: Clarion Staff Photographer

Student breaking the dress code.

Azucena Gama, Staff Reporter

The beginning of a new school year means the beginning of new procedures. Last year if students received dress code violations, the administration would give those students a verbal warning.

This year there is a new procedure: if a staff member witnesses a student violating the dress code, they have the choice to report them to the dress code form. The dress code form is simply a link off of the RBHS school website that directs you to a dress code reporting form that is sent to the deans. That information is passed to the security guards who eventually give the slips out.

“They do it like this so classes are not disrupted with teachers having to talk to the students,” says English teacher Sarah Johnson.

On the first week of school, there was a wave of students receiving dress code warnings. Many students were mad and confused at the sudden push on the dress code expectations from the school.

“I walked into school on the first day and a security guard gave me a slip that said something along the lines of, ‘Dress Code Violation: First Offense.’ I didn’t understand why because I was just wearing shorts with some holes in them,” says sophomore Leila Garcia.

Most students don’t really take the warnings to heart because they know they can return wearing the same article of clothing that caused them to receive the notice at first, and nothing will happen. There was also no real consequence given aside from the ticket. Other students have reported just receiving verbal warnings from staff members.

“I don’t believe that there is a better way to handle the situation. The ticket and the verbal warnings get the message through,” says Garcia.

A basic rundown on the current RB dress code is opaque clothing only, minimum of two-inch straps, footwear at all times, no clothing with gang ties, showing or advertising alcohol, drugs, sexual innuendos, or any other disruptive graphics. Aside from that, RB also does not permit head coverings of any sort, or any unnecessary coats.

The RBHS Student Handbook from the year 2018-2019 states: “Students are expected to dress appropriately for the educational environment at RBHS,” meaning that they have expectations for their students to appropriately present and express themselves for their educational experience at RB.

In other words, “Wear what you are comfortable to learn in.”