Two Years with Trump


Photo from google images. Taken by Gage Skidmore

Casey Jones, Staff Reporter

On November 8, 2016 President Trump was elected into office for the 2016-2020 presidential term. It’s coming close to the day he was elected, and some of the students have strong opinions on how he’s doing.

“[Trump is] dishonest. He is pretty unprofessional and immature. I disagree with basically all of his policies…” said Ryan Encher, a junior and a democrat. “He is trying to backroll many progressive laws, like with his transgender military policy, his pro-life stance, and getting women the care that they need. It seems like he’s running the White House like he’s on the apprentice.”

Even some members of the conservative community at RB are unhappy with how Trump is running the White House and the country.

“I think he falsely represents republicans and he panders to them. He riles everyone up and makes [republicans] seem a lot worse than they are. I think he’s pretty unprofessional and likes to provoke people just for publicity. I wish we had a better representative in office for conservatives. He is giving them a bad name,” said Alexis Vasiliadis, who is a junior and a conservative.

RB is a school that prides itself on the diversity of its students and how they can bring students together despite political differences. That being said, many of the student body is unhappy with how Trump was doing and how he was elected.

“I have a strong dislike for [Trump] because people who voted for him strictly because he’s a republican is ridiculous,” said Emma Christensen, who is in the middle politically. “He had kind of brainwashed republican America into thinking what he says is right which it isn’t. I don’t think he’s suitable to be president much longer. He uses hate instead of love to bring people together.”

Even some students who don’t seem to be biased politically aren’t happy with how he’s doing.

“If he hasn’t affected our lives incredibly then it doesn’t really matter if he’s president or not. I don’t always agree with Trump’s views but you can’t really do anything about that. He does tend to hide things from us though, and that does concern me. He should be making more reasonable promises to our country,” said junior Joanna Vera.

Even though many students don’t support Trump or simply don’t care for him, some of the student population at RB still maintain a positive view of his presidency.

“I think he’s just an average American,” said Tyler Fisher,a junior and a libertarian. “People don’t really see that because he’s supposed to be the president, but honestly anyone can become president. With his policies and everything, sometimes they make sense. He is trying for the betterment for the United States in a more traditional way, and most people aren’t for that.”