6th Man student section sidelined during COVID pandemic


Emily Ryan

The empty bleachers and court in the RB main gym.

Ava Kopecky, Editor

Every basketball season, the RB student section, known as the 6th Man, is a fun way for students to get involved with their friends at school. With the uncertainty surrounding winter sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are afraid that the games won’t be the only thing they will miss this winter.

The 6th Man at RB is traditionally led by a group of seniors in the student section. They lead cheers, coordinate themes at games, and post game results. The leaders of the 6th Man pass down every year after the previous year’s group of seniors graduate.

With COVID-19 putting winter sports on a pause and RB not allowing fan attendance at games students are upset with the fact they will not be able to attend the games with their friends and participate in 6th Man activities.

“I miss being able to see my friends play sports or just sitting there watching it with them,” junior Angelo Hernandez said. “It was always something fun to look forward to after school. Everyone would get hyped for the games and would go and support. It is just a good atmosphere to be in and I definitely miss it.”

For students, the 6th Man was an easy way to get involved after school and to show their support to their peers. It was also a way for students to make memories with their friends that would stick with them beyond high school.

“My favorite thing about RB’s 6th Man would have to be the atmosphere and the excitement it brings while you’re there,” sophomore Petar Sofeski said. “Being in the student section is fun and brings watching and supporting basketball to a different perspective.”

With students cheering on the sidelines, the energy and excitement coming from the stands also hypes up the players, allowing them to get pumped up from hearing their school’s support.

“I believe the 6th Man helps players a lot as it gives them a boost as they hear a crowd chanting and supporting them especially in big moments or games like against Fenwick,” Sofeski said.

However, since there will be no fan attendance allowed at games, the lack of the 6th Man at games this year is upsetting to the sports community at RB, who regularly look forward to attending those games.

“I feel that it’s right for no attendance but I wish we can go see the games for any sport. It just feels like a waste of a year and it sucks for all the athletes who play sports,” Hernandez said. “It just is unfortunate for everyone and it’s a hard time but eventually everything will be back to normal.”

Despite there being no attendance at sporting events, that doesn’t stop students from being eager to get back in the stands next basketball season.

“I feel disappointed that we can’t watch basketball games anymore but understandable due to the pandemic happening right now,” Sofeski said. “But I can’t wait to be able to get back there and support them.”