Where My Empathy Grew From


Julian Zamora, Staff Reporter

Jubilee is a multimedia company that inspires empathy for human good. I remember reading the description of the company and watching their YouTube videos, and wow!!! I was just amazed and loved their channel immediately. Something about their channel just immersed me and gravitated towards me. Jubilee hosts a variety of videos that bring people for a healthy open discourse of dialogue and listening. 

I enjoy their category of videos called Spectrum, Middle Ground, Odd Man Out, Seeking Secrets, and Ask Me Anything. These series of commentaries and discussions are phenomenal in the storytelling. You can see the raw emotions in these videos. Spectrum dissects human values, stereotypes, beliefs, and morality within our society. Topics like “Do All Women Think the Same?” or “Do All Asian Americans Think the Same?” and many more complexities in our society.

Similarly, Middle Ground approaches the human psyche and beliefs by highlighting different groups of people. This series brings two groups of people from opposite viewpoints. Each perspective informs viewers to ponder how each side takes in certain topics. While Spectrum brings one group of people, Middle Ground integrates two groups with opposed beliefs and how both can empathically resonate, connect or simply find a Middle Ground.

Another series that sparks discussion but in a playful way is Odd Man Out. This section pins a group of people together and one secret impostor to play along with. The main premise is to weed out the mole and win plenty of money, while the mole has to assimilate and lie their way to get the money. Both parties seek to win but at the same time talk about their experiences, and how they correlate with their role and attributes. 

Seeking Secrets is another marvelous series that tackles human connections, insecurities, and adversities. However, this one is not lighthearted and funny; an opposite transition from Odd Man Out. Seeking Secrets portrays the vulnerability of peoples’ darkest secrets, and the process is all anonymous. People come and read other strangers’ insecurities and candid dialogue. Most people that read the cards resonate and truly empathize with the person who wrote them. 

And my last recommendation is Ask Me Anything which could be hilarious to watch or serious at times. As the title suggests, strangers ask this one person anything. This person could be an incel, cop, dominatrix, cult follower, Wiccan, etc. And I like how this series keeps both people anonymous with each other, so they only hear each other’s voices. 

But I truly love the themes of discussion and empathy with Jubilee’s videos. Just simply having a conversation, dialogue, or discourse with someone or a group can ignite connections or expansion. I feel that a majority of us don’t have many meaningful or introspective conversations anymore, we have been forced to settle for superficial, mundane, and rudimentary discussions that do not improve our society. Jubilee creates videos that bring people together from different backgrounds to hear each other out, to hear a voice that’s different from their own, a perspective from many walks of life, a discussion that reveals the multifaceted aspects of humanity. And lastly, empathy for one another.