Leiteritz leaves her mark at RB


Photo courtesy of Maggie Leiteritz.

Azucena Gama, Editor-in-Chief

Guidance counselor Maggie Leiteritz will be leaving RBHS at the end of this school year. Leiteritz has worked here for 16 years, but her educational career exceeds just that. 

Leiteritz began her career as a science teacher at Hillcrest High School in Country Club Hills, IL, then moved onto being a dean at Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, until she found her calling for student advising.

“I loved my role as a Dean, but was looking to transition to helping students achieve their academic, emotional and career goals,” Leiteritz said. 

The decision to complete her career here was not difficult, as Leiteritz continually praises RB for their great qualities. She believes that the people here truly care about their community, staff and students. 

“Why would anyone want to leave RB?,” Leiteritz said, “Our students are involved, motivated, respectful and resilient.  Our student body is diverse in so many beautiful ways.  We have a wonderful, caring staff who go above and beyond to help students.” 

As a “people person,” Leiteritz has had trouble with the transition to remote learning. COVID-19 has put a damper on all schooling. But these problems come from passion, it is difficult to do genuine work from Zoom.

“Meeting with students remotely and not being able to see their faces or read body language is challenging for any educator, let alone a counselor,” Leiteritz said. 

Leiteritz looks forward to spending her well-deserved time off in Michigan as well as traveling, being with her partner, cycling, and playing with her dogs. 

Every faculty member comes into their position with goals. Goals are a great way to measure one’s success here. Leiteritz believes she has completed her goals here. 

“If I helped one student, I’ve reached my goal.  Fortunately, I think I may have helped a few more,” Leiteritz said. 

Leaving RB comes with, of course, leaving many memories. Some of her favorites are when her students get accepted into colleges, she loves to share the joy and excitement that comes with it all. It’s a very heartwarming experience for her. 

“I’m especially touched when they make it a point to seek me out in person, as I can then experience their emotions of happiness, excitement and relief,” Leiteritz said. 

To wrap up her year, Leiteritz shares a reflection on her time here. 

“I loved working with all the different personalities, backgrounds, cultures, educational levels, identities, challenges, goals and challenges students bring to the table.  What has filled my soul most in this profession is connecting with kids.  I will always treasure my time at RB,” Leiteritz said.