El Clasico

Hrvoje Zolo, Staff reporter

The soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona is known as “El Clasico.” It’s a classic game and is one of the biggest rivalries in the world. Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the biggest teams in Spain, even in the world.

Before the game, Madrid was in first place in the La Liga and Barcelona was trailing them a point. After the 5-0 win for Barcelona, they now lead the group with 34 points, while Madrid has 32 points. Coming into the game everyone was talking about the matchup of Cristiano Ronaldo v.s Lionel Messi. These are the two greatest players in the world and they would meet in the “El Clasico.”

The final score was 5-0 in the favor of Barcelona. This was a landslide win and everyone was shocked. Many picked Madrid to win because of their strong start to the season and how well they have recently been playing. This is definitely a game Real Madrid wants to get passed and to move on.

The first goal came in at ten minutes with Xavi Hernandez, followed by Rodriguez Ledesma at eighteen minutes. David Villa scored two goals in the fifty-fifth minute and the fifty-eighth minute. The last goal came from Suarez at the ninetieth minute.

Not only did Barcelona score five goals, but they also shut down Madrid’s offense for the clean sheet. Madrid has to carry on with their season, but they are definitely not out of the picture for the championship. They have a good chance to win the league being in second place.