APRIL FOOLS: “Whoops! My bad,” says Skyward

APRIL FOOLS:  Whoops!  My bad, says Skyward

It was just one teensy error! Not like it doomed your entire educational future…

Carey Torres, Staff Reporter and Cartoonist

Due to a major Skyward error, all students in the school are now failing all of their classes! No one knows how this happened. It has caused major problems for the students.

Student Ima Failior said, “I couldn’t believe it when I was checking my grades and saw all F’s it was like being punched in the face.” This error is making students very upset because it’s as if all of their hard work was for nothing. “It’s just horrible that this happened,” said Failior.

“Though this predicament has been painful for students, it has made them want to work even harder on their studies,” said English teacher Don Mooncalf. The proof is in their test scores. Since the Skyward error, students have been scared into getting straight A’s. This error has “inspired” the teachers of RB as well.

“This error was a mistake, but maybe next year there should be another ‘mistake’ on Skyward, “: said Mooncalf.

Although some of the teachers think that it’s a good idea to make it happen on purpose next year, others aren’t convinced that it will do any good.

“It was just a fluke that it happened. Why would we want to do this to the students on purpose?” said Math teacher Minvera Noodlepenny.

RB’s tech support staff are working hard to get Skyward up and running again.

“I can’t wait for them to get this fixed, I was grounded for a year because of it!” said Failior.

All the students can do now is hope that they will fix this problem so things can run smoothly again. If they can’t get it fixed, the school just might have to keep track of grades in a notebook!