Faster characters are more enjoyable in Super Smash Bros.

Chloe Floros, Staff Reporter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a crossover fighting game published by Nintendo. In this game, there are 74 characters and a ton of games ranging from Super Mario Bros. to Star Fox and everything in between. Each character has their own style of fighting which makes the characters very diverse and unique. This wide range of variation leads to certain players having their favorite characters that they play as a lot. This is also known as “maining” a character.

Personally I really dislike slow characters, like King K. Rool and Ike. I think it’s really difficult to play characters like them since they are so slow most of their attacks also come out slow, which in turn gives more than enough time to your opponent to shield these attacks. 

Having a creative play style when it comes to slow characters is also very difficult to have. Sometimes, when someone who isn’t very good at Smash plays a slow character, they find either one of their faster moves or stronger moves and spam those moves non-stop. So playing against slow characters, that are being controlled by unskilled players, can be extremely annoying. 

Because of this, I prefer characters that have a faster speed, like the Fire Emblem characters (minus Ike). Out of all those sorts of characters, I would say I either main Roy or Cloud.

I really like Roy because his attacks, unlike Marth’s, deal way more damage up close. He also has a wide range of attacks so playing as him doesn’t get old. Roy also has very fast dashing, air and falling speeds which is extremely useful. So Roy’s close hitting attacks paired with some well-placed rolls can make fighting Roy extremely dangerous. 

In addition to Roy, Cloud is another character I use a lot. I really like Cloud because he is fast and he also has a decently large reach because of the Buster Sword he carries. Another thing about Cloud that I like is the Limit Gauge. The limit gauge is a meter that you can fill by either damaging your opponent or by taking damage yourself. When this gauge is filled any of your b-button attacks are increased by either knockback or strength. I think this is really cool and I think it adds a lot to his moveset. Even though he got major downgrades from Smash 4, I still really like him and I find him very comfortable to play as. 

There are a lot of characters and a ton of styles and ways to play the game. It’s because of this that there is so much to talk about when it comes to Smash. From character selection to a  defensive or offensive style of attack you’ve never done it all when it comes to the game.