Students give back to the community: British Homes

 For more than six years, AST has sponsored students to volunteer at British Homes after school hours. Sponsor John Beasley takes students after hours every Wednesday to spend time with the residents. British Homes is located in North Riverside only a couple from miles away from the school.

 Many years ago Beasley started to take kids to volunteer on the occasional Monday and it became a tradition. Now they go every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30. It may seem like a short amount of time but it leaves a huge impact on the students and the residents. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

 “I really enjoy spending time with the residents. They’re so grateful that we spend time with them.” said Senior Ana Mondragon

 Various clubs also get involved and explain to the residents what they do in the specific club such as Model UN, and hip-hop dance crew. The students also play games such as bingo, board games and charades. They also do crafts such as decorate pumpkins, painting and decorating stockings.

 “I find that, on the days that I’m very stressed out over work or family, I appreciate and enjoy spending time with the residents even more. They just find a way of relieving my stress and making my day better,” said Beasley.

 The volunteering benefits not only the residents but also the students as well. It helps students appreciate the opportunities they have and the residents are exposed to people and knowledge that they wouldn’t have without the students visits.