Summer work brightens hallway

Fitz Robling, Staff Reporter

This past summer, five students made one of the final additions to the New RB building-a mural. D. Saunders, K. Andrulis, Emily Andrulis, Kate Alaks, and Aron Perez-Garcia took a unique summer school class this past summer at called Murals.

The class’ curriculum consisted of learning about how to design a mural, and then using these techniques on an original mural, which wuld be located in on of RBs’ hallways. The mural consists of students smiling at the bottom, hills, and a sun in the background with a doodle like group of activities painted across the top.

Perez-Garcia was one of the students that worked on the Mural. “My favorite part is the notebook doodle look on the top of the Mural,” he said. The class was open to anyone who wanted to join, and even though only five students joined they still were able to get the job done. “We all worked together in unison to get the mural finished”, said Perez-Garcia.

The class was lead by former RB student Christy Kral. Kral is an art major in college, and used the students as models to come up with the students in the mural.

Over all the reaction to the mural has been positive, “It is good. Some things are different, but overall it looks good,” said Andrulis another student that worked on the mural.