Changes in english cirriculum are approved

Julia Reyes, Staff Reporter

Changes in the English Department curriculum for 2011-2012 have been formally approved by the School Board. At a recent leadership council meeting the English Department took time to discuss expanding English class opportunities. It was not any one teacher or administrator’s decision but the whole department itself.

The specific changes are switching Advanced Placement Literature to be available for juniors and Advanced Placement Language and Composition to be available for seniors. Next year Advanced Placement Language and Composition will not be available at all since this year’s juniors have already taken it. English Department George Miller hopes for these decisions to be very beneficial for students but admits he will not really know of success for two more years.

Dan O’Rourke, an Advanced Placement Language and Composition teacher for 5 years, said, “The changes will make it easier for students to make cross curricular connections with the Advance Placement classes switching for juniors and seniors.”

Meaning, O’Rourke hopes that Advanced Placement Language and Composition students can more easily make curricular connections with Advanced Placement Environmental Science and Advanced Placement Biology for seniors. O’Rourke also believes the changes will be an overall positive change and have positive effects on the students affected in the changes.

More honors English classes are also being added for seniors.  Shakespeare Seminar and American Studies will both carry honor weighting.

Miller said, “At this moment we plan to see where the success of the recent changes go before adding any other classes, because right now there are honors classes available for all grade levels.”