No. Community votes down referendum 3-1.

Alleigh VandeMerkt, Staff reporter

On April 5th, the new school board members and the pending referendum were voted on.

The referendum failed with very lopsided results. 1,720 community members voted yes, while 5,682 community members voted no.  77% voted no to 23% of voters who wanted the referendum to pass.

“Unfortunately the timing just wasn’t right,” said interim superintendent David Bonnette.

John Keen, Tim Walsh, Lauren Hruska, and Garry Gyczan are the four newly elected board members. The new board members will be seated May 3rd at the board meeting.

Even though the new board members won’t be seated for another month, the administration is working on a new budget proposal. 2.2 million dollars worth of cuts have to be made to stay within the budget.

“The kinds of cuts we posted on our web page are the kinds of cuts we’ll need to make to get to that minimal 20% fund balance,” said Bonnette.

The final budget will be displayed in July.