Next year’s exec board will bring new ideas to SA

Student Association is responsible for planning all student events at RB. They welcome all students to their morning meetings.

Student Association is responsible for planning all student events at RB. They welcome all students to their morning meetings.

Rebecca Rusiecki, Staff Reporter

With daunting financial problems looming on the horizon, next year’s Student Association Executive Board will face many challenges, but also great opportunities to improve RB. Speeches by the officers were given on April 30th; elections for the two contested positions, secretary and treasurer, were held later that day during all lunches.

Emily Filec, a junior will be SA president next year. She has many goals for Student Association, as well as for the school as a whole. Filec has been a member of SA for three years, and is currently vice president on Exec Board. “I plan to continue to work towards increasing school pride and spirit. I will also strive to voice the concerns of the student body with the administration,” said Filec.

The Student Association Exec Board plays a vital role in RB’s various social and charity functions, such as the school dances and blood drives. They also take many initiatives to promote school spirit, such as pep rallies and this year’s new Spirit Fridays. In addition to this, they also serve as the liaison between the School Board and the student body. As one can see, being on Student Association Executive Board requires not only hard work and careful planning, but also great creativity.

“They are expected to plan all school wide events. They also meet with the administration and school board. This year, we want to promote that SA is open to all. We want to bring more students into the club. Also, I want to make sure there is diversity in thinking and heart in the discussions within the club,” said Angela Ziola, sponsor of Student Association.

Next year’s Exec Board will face many obstacles when tackling tough issues in the school, such as low funding for the club. In addition to this, the club has faced the reduction of a sponsor this past year, which has made it more difficult to plan school functions. “I think the biggest challenge we will face will be voicing the opinions of all students and keeping school spirit high,” said Filec.

However, this doesn’t mean the new Exec Board isn’t up for the challenge. All of the officers have been a member of Student Association for years. Many also have past experience as a class officer or as a member of the Executive Board. Looking forward, the group plans to continue to promote school spirit by continuing with Spirit Fridays. They also want to encourage all students to get involved in Student Association.

“They are all very strong leaders. I feel next year’s Exec Board is going to be a very positive and energetic group,” said Ziola.